Aqua Oceanus

A Aqua Oceanus invests heavily in its know-how and experience in the practical application of its working methods from which it has obtained results with a high quality standard.

We have a full range of services in the areas of Hygiene & Cleaning, capable of responding to all the requirements of the most diverse types of spaces and environments.

From the outset, the commitment to continuous training of its employees was a positive differentiation factor, so that it could win several contracts during the first years of life, and assume the position of market leader in this sector of cleaning and maintenance of office buildings, manufacturing plants, oil industry, commercial premises, bank branches and hospital units.

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In the hospital units, Health & Hygiene are imperatively linked. Here, health care requires a clean and sanitized hygiene environment.

In products, we take great care in managing them so that there is no stock breach.

The management of stocks of material assets for the operation of Aqua Oceanus has been meticulously measured which has resulted in our success throughout our history, which makes our company strong and very stable.

The main highlight of our operations is in oil industry and banking branches, thus making Aqua Oceanus the ideal partner, exclusively for the seriousness, reliability and security offered.


The success of Aqua Oceanus concept is fundamentally based on its know-how, using specific products for each situation, emphasizing strict quality control and staff training.

All products and tools used are certified and their application is monitored by our Department of Occupational Health and Safety, always with the aim of strictly complying with ISO9001 requirements.

Aqua Oceanus is a company that cares about Quality, Safety & Environment.Wherever we operate, we seek to conduct our business in a responsible, innovative, progressive and green way. The Integrated Management System (Quality, Safety and Environment) is for Aqua Oceanus a strategic factor to operate in the market, aiming to satisfy the needs, demands and expectations of our Customers, as well as the continuous improvement of the efficiency of the processes.
It also seeks to eliminate or minimize the risk to all parties involved, as well as better cooperation and transparency between the regulatory government and Aqua Oceanus.

The concern with Security, It is part of Aqua Oceanus culture, that is why our policy aims at preventing occupational risks and minimizing the impacts of our activity.
We must all assume as first priority and commitment, the protection of the health and safety of each Employee, respecting the applicable legislation and standards, as we believe it is possible to prevent all injuries and diseases related to work.n all activities of Aqua Oceanus, the welfare of each individual will never be jeopardized and the implementation of actions that aim to help us to enjoy a working environment healthy and injury-free, ensuring the well-being of all, it is the responsibility of Leaders and Employees.


``Our structure represents the heart of the entire operation ...``

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